Kimerah Publishing presents…


Balance; the thin line between peace and war, order and chaos, yin and yang, right and wrong, good and evil.

What happens if these two world’s collide?

When belief or the lack thereof  is challenged?

One family’s history will defy faith, logic, love, reason … and time.

Their stories will challenge what you believe, give you a new perspective on what you don’t, move you in a way you never imagined, and hit you where you can relate the most.

For who are you really and what have you lost? When do you feel most alone and why do you believe what you do? Where do you belong or do you feel you don’t fit in anywhere?

Or are you like so many among the masses, like the RavenCroft’s and Blackthorne’s of this terribly troublesome, and potentially deadly unfortunate lineage?

Families, couples, and individuals who live, laugh, and love. People who have experienced loss, heartache, joy, and pain all to find themselves waking up one day to a life that wasn’t of their making and often times is not of their choosing. Where everything changes forever and not always for the better, because in order to save one life another one either must be taken … or find peace.

And what happens if that person is an author who’s world has been shattered?

Well … how do you respond when you’ve been broken?

Do you automatically accept fate or fall straight into denial? Self-destruction? Self-loathing?

An Unfortunate lineage breaks the fourth wall and as a result will take you on a unique journey through the lives of two gifted family’s with differing backgrounds that stem from the same unfortunate and extensive family tree. Their individual stories will make you question their decisions, laugh at their mistakes, infuriate you with their stupidity, fall in love with their romances, and ultimately help you understand their lives a little better.  But will they lead you to the correct conclusion?

And who is this mysterious Vortigern Black narrator anyway?

Ultimately, a “pick the plot” style of series, An Unfortunate Lineage could, and should, be categorized as inspirational fiction, regardless of some of its secular content. Readers can expect intimacy scenes will be implied rather then described throughout the collection. Volumes I, III, and V of this series cover the RavenCroft family and are more secular in nature. Volumes II, IV, and VI cover the Blackthorne family and will be more inspirational.

Readers may choose to read all seven books or they may skip either the RavenCroft or the Blackthorne stories and will still be able to enjoy volume VII, the finale, when it comes available. Title and cover of the finale are still to be determined.

Six volumes of the An Unfortunate Lineage series by Delaine Christine are now available on Amazon. To start at the beginning with Terrible Karisma, Volume I, CLICK HERE.

WARNING: It is entirely plausible that readers will have a love/hate relationship with the An Unfortunate Lineage collection because of the mirrored message within. It will likely appeal most to the reader who finds themselves torn between the secular and non-secular world’s. Those who understand what that means know who they are. This series is for you and has been a long time in the making. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you in your reviews!

Thank you and God Bless,

Delaine Christine

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