A Forward of Sorts


As a person who is torn between two worlds in life; I, an author, child, parent, and spouse, am often capable of viewing and understanding the life experiences, struggles, and turmoil people endure from multiple perspectives. This has placed me in a unique position to be able to write a series of fictional novels with similar subject matter which expounds upon more than one viewpoint, and, from what I’m told, is still entertaining. For that reason, readers will be pleasantly surprised to find themselves engrossed in a collection of works that may well be outside their normal scope of reading.

The Blackthorne, RavenCroft and Thorne character’s have an unfortunate lineage, and it makes for a vast yet entertaining and thought-provoking series. It’s a complex and intricately webbed story with the ability to captivate a diverse group of people. The explanation in this Forward is meant mostly for those individuals who purchased my original novels within The Blackthorne Saga (Delaine Christine), The RavenCroft Saga (Delaine Christine) and the RavenCroft Series (Vortigern Black). Its purpose is to help explain the new direction of joining the three series together: The Blackthorne Saga, The RavenCroft Saga, and RavenCroft Series, as well as the series and title changes of the latter which has been newly dubbed, Croft Haven. In addition, a fourth set of stories entitled Thorne Hollow, will be added to the mix for yet another unusual perspective. All four book series will come to a head and cross-over into the Black-Thorne and Raven-Croft Finale which has tentatively been titled, Taken: Out of Time.

The characters within this family drama are capable of unexplainable phenomena. Some have the ability to perceive, sense, or know things most individuals can’t possibly be aware of. While others have an awareness of people, things, or events from the past, present or future. Whether these abilities are genetically inherent or faith based is to be determined by the various characters in addition to the reader. Though the stories may inspire you, it is not written in a way to promote one belief system over another.

Please note, this is meant strictly as a fictional story. Artistic license has been taken with the story-line and the eventual link made to the Weir-deVere family line. Though based loosely off documented historical accounts from the past, it is set in modern times. There are some aspects that should not be considered historically accurate and instead be deemed a “what if” scenario. This story is meant as simply a fictional tale of one possible outcome, resulting from questionable decisions made by two individuals from the past. The consequences of their actions, inevitably leads to their own demise and prompts future events.

Whether the selection of either Delaine Christine’s and/or Vortigern Black’s series for reading is the result of the desire for entertainment, to escape from the world for a while, or because it was gifted to you, may it be as enjoyable to read as it has been to write.

Good day, Blessed be, and God bless.


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