About Vortigern Black

On December 4, of 2015 Vortigern Black’s first novella, Telepathy #1, appeared in Amazon’s Kindle store. Within the same month Tortured #2 was made available on Christmas day. The completion of Twisted #3 soon followed in the Spring of 2016 after a 30 day run on Kindle Scout where, in its last three days, it hit and maintained the much coveted “Hot & Trending” list. Between work, raising a family, and being a supportive spouse,  Vortigern spends every spare moment writing.

Vortigern’s extensive imagination and uncanny ability to view the world from more than one perspective has prompted the re-invention of works currently already self-published into one thought provoking and entertaining collection. Recognizing that secular paranormal fantasy and faith based supernatural fantasy can, and is, perceived in more than one way, Vortigern is now striving to broach both perspectives within the same fictional series.

“I have very pragmatic reasons for combining The Blackthorne Saga and the RavenCroft Series into one story-line,” Vortigern admits. “They were always meant to be one family’s story about how they became separated, were raised with differing values and, therefore, developed contradicting perspectives of how and where their abilities derived from. By re-aligning the six novels in their proper order, and starting the series where it was always meant to begin in the first place, my hope is that the reader will be able to follow what is happening as events unfold a little easier.”

The author admits there may well be intentional parallel’s between the accounts of the two families. When asked what the reasons are for this, Vortigern stated that all would be explained in due course, then sighted man-kinds genetic predisposition to periodically following similar paths as those who walked before them, or in this case, in conjunction with them.

Vortigern admits the original intent, when fingers first flew across the keyboard back in January of 2014, was to write inspirational fiction in a way that would allow for cathartic release from the novelist’s own personal inner turmoil. That has since changed. “I do not feel I know enough about my own faith and belief system in order to, at present, write an inspirational novel. Maybe one day I’ll get there,” the author stated hopefully with a shrug. For now, the writer of An Unfortunate Lineage has chosen to heed the wise words so frequently expounded upon by those who have come before.

“Write what you know.”

To that end, Vortigern will be maintaining the premise, plot and storyline of the RavenCroft Series and The Blackthorne Saga but has said that the tone and feel of the accounts may change a bit as they are merged together, particularly in the novels covering the Blackthorne’s. The fictitious explanation of the family’s extensive lineage being linked to the Weir/De Vere line in Scotland, which dates back over a span of seventeen hundred years, will likely set the tone. According to Black, readers who choose to delve into this series should expect entertaining, complex, and often times suspenseful romantic tales about a family of individuals who are capable of unexplainable phenomena.


Currently, the author is in the completion stage of a new novel which is unrelated to the An Unfortunate Lineage series. “The book is entitled Unspeakable Acts of Kindness and will likely require a sequel by its end. A suspenseful thriller with a bit of humor, it is very different from what I’ve been writing so far,” says Black. “I’m told it has more of an edge to it.” Based out of a small town in the panhandle of Texas, the story follows the life of an abused and disowned seventeen year old by the name Sally May Bloods who struggles to find and maintain employment without family support or a diploma. There are hints that it may turn into a trilogy.

The author, Vortigern Black, resides in Elkhart, Indiana with a spouse, three energetic children, two fat goldfish and a plecostomus fish named for the author. Giant blueprint drawings of the RavenCroft and Blackthorne ‘ranch’ homes adorn the living room walls, along with a vast family tree of the proposed Blackthorne/Weir-DeVere line.

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