An Unfortunate Lineage

 Book 1 An Unfortunate Lineage2An Unfortunate Lineage no. 1 by Vortigern Black
A suspense/romance series with paranormal phenomenon.








Book 2 One Two Many Triplets2One two Many triplets no. 2 by Vortigern Black










Book 3 the Phenom Trifecta2The Phenom Trifecta no. 3 by Vortigern Black









Book 4 Treachery3Treachery no. 4 by Vortigern Black

Gifted with the ability to read minds, Kahner RavenCroft grudgingly assumes the name Toni Starck (an effeminated character name of a marvel comic book character, forced on him by his temperamental father who happens to have an annoying sense of humor) in order to protect his family while working undercover for the CIA. Learning of more than one potential threat within the agency, while attempting to place Kalysta Radford (wife of drug cartel king pen Lionel Radford) in witness protection, Kahner must take extreme measures in order to assist in her and her children’s disappearance as well as his own re-emergence.

His choices, and the consequences of that decision, will horrify his father, anger many within the RavenCroft family, and incite fear within his own heart once again. After numerous name changes, the newly christened Sable Kryder (Kalysta Radford) soon learns of the family secret and must determine if her own fear can be overcome in order to give life to the RavenCroft family. Because in their world, the shadows whisper and fear breeds doubt.


Book 5 temptedTempted no. 5  by Vortigern Black

The fifth book revolves around Rafe Blackthorne’s eldest son, Dante, who is one of a set of triplets and an identical twin. Much like his five siblings, he has been blessed with an extraordinary sensory ability.

Dante unwittingly makes some of the same choices as his cousin, Kahner RavenCroft, causing his life to similarly run parallel with his. He too enlists under an assumed name, given to him by his own father, who appears to have an equally tactless sense of humor as his long lost RavenCroft brother.

Managing somehow to miss running into each other during the course of their careers, Dante eventually finds his way into the CIA handling covert operations. During an assignment he finds himself in a compromising position while trying to save the lives of Astraia O’Kahner and her three children who are wanted dead by drug cartel king pin Kobi Radford.

While attempting to place Astraia and her family in a secure location through WITSEC Astraia develops a curious ailment which forces Dante to return home to the Blackthorne Horse Ranch near Kalispell, Montana. Upon arriving home they learn her illness may be the beginning of a prophecy his own Mandin Indian mother Lilyandhi Blackthorne had made over twenty years prior before she died. Or was it?

Which family truly prompted the course of events soon to follow? And is it a safe assumption that both family’s may be linked by the same prophecy?



Book 6 TorturedTortured no. 6  by Vortigern Black

An uneasy and relentless darkness seems to have settled over the RavenCroft household upon the return home of Kalabernus RavenCroft’s brother, Kahner, and his new wife Sable. Set among the picturesque backdrop of the RavenCroft horse ranch just on the outskirts of Loveland, Colorado, a tortured soul becomes tormented anew.

Despondent over his cursed state, Kalabernus attempts to save the woman who has stolen his heart, from an elusive stalker, while grappling with the haunting question of why he’s been burdened with the ability to both see and hear shadowy demonic beings. Struggling to maintain his sanity amidst the shadows torment, Kalabernus fears he will be unable to prevent history from repeating itself.

Sensing a kindred soul within the giant who followed her home, Sareena Davis finds a guardian and protector in the brute of a man who may well be just as terrifying as the stalker that managed to track her all the way from Massachusetts. Will they gain the freedom they both so desperately seek? Or will the oppressive fear they endure destroy them both?


Book 7 troublesome3Troublesome3 no. 7 by Vortigern Black

In book seven, the story continues with Drinian Blackthorne, the second born of a set of triplets. Meant to see both angels and demons, his gift is believed to have been split at birth. Tortured by the fallen angels he can both see and hear Drinian has spent forty years as a recluse. But with the recent return home of his eldest brother, Dante, and his new wife, Drinian’s hope for a reprieve from his tormentors is renewed.

Arriving in Kalispell, Montana with nothing but a U-haul, Veta Rohann believes she’s been called by God to the Flathead Valley area. Continuously plagued by misfortune in her life and upon her arrival in Montana, Veta becomes embroiled within Drinian and the Blackthorne families lives while struggling to overcome her own losses.

As the angels attempt to aid the Lord in His works, the ‘troublesome three’, on the other hand, are just as determined to thwart His plan.



Book 8 Twisted2Twisted no. 8 by Vortigern Black

The eighth book continues the thrilling paranormal story with Kalturek RavenCroft, who is both gifted with the power to see auras and happens to be the Sheriff of Loveland County, Colorado.

A chance discovery over the holiday weekend found by Stephanie RavenCroft, sparks a sequence of events that no one could have foreseen, not even by Bastion RavenCroft, the patriarch of the family. Learning of a series of Phenomena novels found within the attic of the RavenCroft ranch house, the RavenCroft family begin asking many questions, and yet gain few answers. Who is Angel Stryfe? What role is she meant to play within the RavenCroft family? And how is it she can help Kalabernus gain freedom from the shadows which torment him?

With potential danger looming over all their heads the decision is made to bring Angel to “safety” within the RavenCroft ranch. Upon her arrival Angel is forced to not only accept that everything she’d been writing about may be true, but that she is also gifted with the power of precognition and may be destined to love and have children by a RavenCroft man.

Will that man be Kalturek? Is he the one she’s been dreaming of, and hoping for, all these years? And will she finally gain some of the answers she’s been looking for?

Vortigern Black’s eighth book is a riveting mysterious tale of hidden secrets, loss, love and a romance so Twisted it will boggle your mind and have you guessing to the very end.


Book 9 timelessTimeless no. 9 by Vortigern Black

A child’s drawing, an angel’s promise, and a vision of future events.

In book nine of the An Unfortunate Lineage series, author Ciara Biardon finds herself writing about an author who discovers she is writing about herself. Confusing? A little, yes! A character in her own novel, with the discerning gift to “know” without knowing why, Ciara must finally let go of her own fears in order to aid the Lord in his grand plan. But does that plan include Dartanian Blackthorne? And what does that mean for his wife Lylia?

Will the prophecy of the late Lilyandhi Blackthorne continue? Or will Drinian and Breydon be tortured souls for life?

In the end, “timeless” will leave you yearning to know more, as you learn how faith guides the Blackthorne family even in their darkest hour.



Tattered no. 10 by Vortigern Black

In book ten the story picks up where we last left off in book eight.  The unexpected arrival of Kahner RavenCroft’s ex-wife, Eliza, and the three mysterious young men she’s brought with her, in addition to the unexpected knowledge of who Angel Stryfe wound up with at the end of book eight, creates chaos and confusion among the entire household.

Upon learning of the mix-up caused by Kalturek, his identical twin brother, nearly fourteen years before, Kahner and Eliza discover that lost time and hurt feelings can heal.

A rift between Kahner and his current wife, Sable, over his ex-wife’s arrival and the news she brings, forces him to have to make some pretty difficult decisions where love is concerned. Will Kahner be able to choose between his first love and his new love? Or in the end will he lose them both? And will he be able to help protect the three young men Eliza brought with her from the Phenom organization which has been avidly pursuing them for nearly eleven years?

Meanwhile, the entire RavenCroft family painfully watches as Angel attempts to whew the man she’s loved since her first memory of him was imprinted upon her nearly fourteen years before. But as in the case of Kahner, when a man is in love with another woman, how can he possibly open his heart to the chance at new love, even if they are married?