Unspeakable Acts of Kindness

Unspeakable Acts of KindnessUnspeakable Acts of Kindness by Vortigern Black Coming Soon…

In a desperate attempt to survive an abusive drunken father, well known for his cantankerous and unruly behavior by both locals and the Sheriff’s Department, disowned seventeen year old Sally May Bloods must overcome many struggles, an irate ex-hired hand attempting to collect a debt of her pa’s from her, and an unfortunate family history that she can’t seem to shake.

Homeless, jobless, and struggling to find work in the panhandle region of Texas, Sally May becomes desperate and despondent when repeatedly confused for a boy during her attempts to get a job. Accidentally getting sucked into a web of lies during an interview with the cook of the Stone Ranch because of a misunderstanding by well meaning cowboy, Micah Straum, the boyish Sally May begins asking herself if living a lie is worth the hassle of working with, Rex, the befuddled, aging cook.

Beginning to wonder why her concrete angel with the broken wing has seemingly abandoned her to her plight, Sally May strives to be positive regardless of her situation. But being the daughter of Edward Bloods, she soon finds out that her pa’s greatest act of so called ‘kindness’ may well be a secret she’ll wish he’d take to his grave. And that’s only if she manages to survive the terrifying man, who is determined to find her in order to collect on a debt.